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Erin W., FB

Oh my goodness! I am always in search of a really spicy salsa that has great flavor and have been let down by so many that were either too bland, not spicy, or both! I went to the Wasatch Farmers Market yesterday on a whim and got a jar of the Salsitas Mendoza hot salsa and I couldn't be happier! It has been one day and I have less than half a jar left!! I will be coming back again next Sunday for more!

Blosch F., FB

 All of their salsa's are so fresh and authentic tasting. I can eat a bag of their chips and a container of their fresh salsa by myself. It reminds me of my grandma Cruz's food. 

Linda P., FB

Best Salsa, Guacamole, and Chips ever. Always fresh and delicious. I don’t know of any restaurants that have a salsa and chips that comes close to Salsitas Mendoza.